Leveraging on the wide-reaching settlement and clearing network in Europe and China (including HK), IBS is engaged in provision of point-to-point, “7X24” (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), multi-currency and near real-time fund transfer and settlement services for financial institutions and enterprises, making cross-border fund payment more convenient, safe and low-cost.

Cross-border cross-currency fund transfers

Individual IBAN accounts for funds keeping and transactions processing.

IBS works closely with major commercial banks to provide worldwide near real-time remittance and fund management services for multinational enterprises, securing more efficient and low-cost funds flow for them.
IBS will also be extending such services to the SMEs, offering convenient and efficient cross-border remittance and payment services for a large number of customers.

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Multi-Currency individual IBAN accounts

For Payment Service Providers

Automated integration through API

IBS can provide multi-currency and near real-time fund settlement and clearing services for partner Payment Service Providers, by connecting to APIs for payment processing automation.
Moreover, IBS can provide channel for CNY collection service in China for painless money transfers from China to the EEA.

Next Generation Settlement Network (NGSN)

NGSN will allow commercial banks to make multi-currency settlement service in real-time across the Belt and Road region.
Compared to the time-consuming and high-cost traditional settlement network with uncertain settlement path, IBS provides a fast-paced fund settlement and clearing channel for clearing banks, general commercial banks and other payment service providers, which helps them to minimise the foreign exchange risk, reduce operation cost and enable them to provide better services for their customers.

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