Safe usage of System. Safety recommendations


·      Login password to the Account in the System shall be unique and consist of at least 8 symbols, including uppercase (capital) and lowercase (small) letters, numbers and special symbols and special characters. 

·       Replace letters with numbers and symbols: for instance, you can choose a word or phrase and use numbers and symbols instead of some letters.; You should also use long passwords which are more safe and stronger than short ones.

·      It is recommended not to use and include the information related to your personal information, including information about family members which can be known or easily accessed by third persons, such as birth dates, names, surnames or pet names of family members/friends or their fragments. Also, it shall not consist of easily memorable and/or guessable combinations of numbers and letters. You should avoid using any common words, simple words, phrases, and patterns that are easy to guess, like “Qwerty”, “abcd”, “12345”, words like “password”.;

·        The password shall not be used for logins to other systems, accounts, etc., so it shall be unique and not used anywhere else.

·        You should try to remember the password and keep it safe and secure. You should not write it down in your notebook, sticky note or display anywhere else; you should not enter it in the mobile phone, email or other electronic means of communication, and should not reveal or otherwise transfer it to third persons. If the password may not be remembered easily, you should consider using special and appropriately secured programs for password management,  storage,  generation. Please have in mind that you as the client are responsible for password safety.

·      You should not use the same password for logins to other systems, especially social media, cloud websites, accounts, etc. If you use your password on another site and that site is compromised, an attacker could use those stolen credentials to take over your account.

·     The password used to log in to the Account shall be changed at least once in 3 months (the System, in dependence on the difficulty of the password and usage statistics, requests to change the password when the terms come to an end).

·       IBS Lithuania as your service provider does not initiate notifications (via SMS messages, emails, calls, etc.) with any requests to change the password or links to the password reset pages. As a reminder, IBS Lithuania employees will never ask you for them. If you receive such notification, you should immediately notify IBS Lithuania thereof because of the possible fraud, phishing, business email compromise etc.

·        The password can be changed by logging in to the Account in the System and changed there. If you receive such notification in the System, you can be sure that it is not fraud.. 

·       In case of any suspicions that the password is compromised or may be known to third persons, it is of paramount importance to change it and then check for illegal logins to the Account and performed or initiated unauthorized by You payment operations or orders.

·       You should always double-check the full name of the website (, the overall look of the website. Please also make sure that the certificate used on the website is issued by "IBS Lithuania ". It can be done by clicking on the green lock symbol by the address. It informs that the connection with the website is safe, the certificate is valid and the identity has been verified by a reliable third-party provider. If any other domain is used or the HTTPS protocol is not used, it is highly probable that the website is not real and logins to such website are forbidden. 

·        The genuine IBS Lithuania websites use the and are Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). If you get an email from us that you don't expect, go directly to our site to log in. Do not enter your password after clicking a link in email. If you're ever not sure it's really us, please check the following:

o   Check the URL before you click on a link. On a web browser, hover over the link and look at the URL that shows up on the bottom of your browser – is it actually pointing to a page at

o   Our emails will always come from the “” domain, and you can always reply directly to the message to get in touch with us. Our correspondence email is

o   Only type your password into sites after double-checking that it’s really the website you want; please evaluate the overall look of the Website as it can be made to look like IBS Lithuania. Check the domain name for typos (for instance,  “”). All IBS Lithuania website pages all have an Extended Validation certificate (EVC), which you can inspect by clicking on the lock. Depending on the internet browsers, they can be typically displayed with a green banner.

o   Check for our Extended Validation Certificate - this usually looks like a green lock next to the URL. It shows you all certifications, issuer name, address of the website etc.

o   If you suspect it might be a phishing attempt, please forward the message along with the email to us through our



·        Please note that you are responsible for safety of devices used to log in to the Account, therefore it is highly recommended not leave devices from which you log in unattended, in public places or otherwise easily accessible to third persons.

·        It is not recommended to log in to the account when you are connected on WiFi network.

·        It is recommended to keep software, applications, anti-virus programs, browsers, firewalls and other programs up-to-date.

·       We recommend configuring your computer to automatically download and install updates (OS X, Windows) This helps protect your system against automated attacks and malware.

·        It is recommended to protect devices with passwords, PIN codes or other safety instruments.

·        The Client shall use only original software and its standard instruments provided with the device and shall not perform any amendments to the system files. If any other software is installed on the device or its standard integrated rights and protection features or system files are amended, the risk to the security of data stored by separate installed applications increases.

Log in / Log out

·        In order to log in to the IBS Lithuania System, on the IBS Lithuania website main page click “Login”, type in your unique customer ID number, which you have received to the indicated email address after your registration is confirmed, and your password and press confirm.

·        If it is your first time logging in into the system, you will need to use your one time password, received to the indicated email address, and then set up your own password.  

·        After you confirmed your unique customer ID number and password you will receive SMS message with the one time unique six (6) digits code to the mobile phone, to the number that you indicated in the registration form, and you will have to type in this one time unique six (6) digits code in order to authenticate yourself and then press log in to access your account.

·        In order to log out from your account on the IBS Lithuania System, you need to press “Logout” on the top right corner of the system.