Leveraging on the wide-reaching settlement network in Europe and China, IBS is engaged in provision of digital banking services for companies participating in cross-border trade. IBS provides hassle-free account opening and presents safe and innovative banking solutions to foster customers’ business.

Accounts & Transfers

IBAN accounts opening, FX services, SEPA transfers and correspondent banking.

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange at favourable rates.


Cross-border e-commerce solutions for EU merchants allowing Chinese buyers to use their local payment means.


Remittance services for individuals. To be introduced in Q3, 2019.

Payment Cards

Payment cards for businesses and individuals. To be introduced in Q3, 2019.

Your digital banking choice for cross-border operations

Multi-currency accounts for funds collection and international payments

IBS works closely with a number of major commercial banks to provide international payment services for individuals, SME’s and multinational enterprises, securing efficient funds flow for them. IBS connection to SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) allows IBS customers to send and receive EUR currency at low cost.

Registration for personal or business account is completely-online and hassle-free.

Benefits of IBS Account

Multi-Currency Accounts

Multi-currency account allows keeping funds in different currencies


Designated IBAN account for each customer, for incoming and outgoing EUR transfers

International Transfers

Efficient international transfers (incoming and outgoing currency transfers)

FX Services

Favourable currency exchange rates on IBS account

SEPA Payments

SEPA Payments in EUR at low cost

Having an IBS account makes capital management for cross-border trading a lot easier and highly cost-effective.

Multi-currency personal or business account with designated IBAN

How account opening works ?

For Payment Service Providers

SEPA Payments

IBS Connection to SEPA allows to provide the low-cost and efficient payment channel in EUR currency for other payment service providers

IBS offers a special IBAN account for partner PSPs, which can be used as a destination for incoming and a source of outgoing payments in EUR

Automated Payments through API integration

Connection to IBS banking core system via API allows automated payouts for our partner companies and real-time notifications of incoming transactions

Payouts would be automatically executed from partner company’s account at IBS

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For E-Commerce

IBS provides a solution for European E-commerce platforms, to allow Chinese customers to pay using their local payment means, such as e-wallets and UnionPay payment cards. Giving opportunity for customers to pay using a convenient mean increases customer satisfaction and retention.

Benefits of having IBS e-commerce solution


Cross-border e-commerce

Payment getaway solution for European e-commerce platform, which allows accepting all Chinese e-wallets and UnionPay payment cards.


No limits for customers

A quota of USD50,000 for Chinese Citizens does not apply for trade-based transactions.



We are flexible to support different business models with various currency requirements as well as tailor-made fee arrangement.


Foreign Exchange

FX rate is registered at the time of sale and automatically converted from RMB to EUR, minimising the FX risk for EU sellers.


Effective & Efficient

Time-efficient and cost-effective e-commerce payment solution - no intermediary bank charges or time consuming approvals.


Fully compliant

IBS is fully compliant to the EU law, and regulation, whereas all transactions related to China are being faciliated and reported to PBOC and SAFE.

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Referral Program

Applications for the referral programme shall be sent to the following email address, indicating “referral programme” in the subject line: Your company profile and overview of the client base should be attached to the email for evaluation.